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      East Horizon Enterprise. fog machine, LED lighting, disco lighting, party lighting, stage equipment and DJ equipment.  We are a comprehensive manufacturing, designing and trading company. Our company was established in 1983, headquartered in Taipei Taiwan. For providing more efficient and constructive service and quality products to our  valuable customers,we have expended 2 locations in china in 2006. Our full-range service and quality products  will be able to satisfy all customers' needs and fulfill all kind of customized projects.
          Our company's principles are "To providing the good quality products and the most innovative items with the most competitive prices to our customers is our final goal."

      7-colored LED and Fog Jet Machine, 5M shooting distance

      Powerful Professional Fog machine with None Burning Stop Function

      Water Base Low Smoke Machine

      Professional Fog machine and Hazer Machine ( 2 in 1)

      Smartphone control fog machine

      Mini 4 eyes party light

      RGB Strobe + Color Wash SMD lighting

      Mini Double Layers LED Lighting

      2 LED Effect Lighting Plus 1 Strobe and color wash lighting

      3-sets strobe+ color wash SMD lighting

      Professional Fog machine, Smoke machine, disco lighting, LED lighting


      Sales Department

      Address: 1005 Xing Yi Xuan, Xing He Ming Ju Building, Fu Min Rd., Fu Tian District, Shenzhen, China


      Tel: +86-755-82971085

      Fax: +86-755-82971042

      Vivian Shih

      Company Email:


      E-mail: shih_twtw@yahoo.com.tw



      Nacy Yang


      Skype: nancyeasthorizon

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